Thirteen Skulls Art Reminds You of Your Impending Death

cool skull art sculpture

It is not every day that we think of our own mortality and that someday we may cease to exist, and though we all theoretically know that the end is waiting for us, lurking around the corner, we choose to ignore it or rather forget our impending death in order to be able to live happily.

However, when a dear one departs, death becomes all too real and does not seem very far away. Memento Mori is a Latin phrase which means “Remember you will die” and is an artistic genre that has the purpose of reminding people of their own mortality. Memento Mori based art is usually somber, dark and heavy with shades of one’s own death.

weird skull art

Jud Turner, the acclaimed artist has created “Thirteen Skulls” (Love lasts longer than death) as an ode to the tradition of Memento Mori genre of art. 12 skulls are arranged in a circle around a mirror, where the 13th skull is conspicuously missing. The missing thirteenth skull belongs to you and thus reminds you that earth is not far away, and that it is waiting patiently somewhere around the corner.

This macabre piece of art may not appeal to everyone but is the truth that we all have to accept and not deny. Jud turner also has created other cool designs such as the Skull Art that comes down heavily upon vegetarians. The Terminator Skeleton Bicycle is another eerie reminder of death.