New Pacman Rubik’s Cube Toy

new pacman rubiks cube

Many of us are big fans of the yellow Mr Pacman and a few also enjoy a good challenge with solving the Rubik’s cube, so the combo Pacman Rubik’s Cube is a perfect toy for the few gamers who like a Pacman challenge away from the game screen.

cool rubiks cube pacman game

The cool Pacman designed Rubik’s Cube is one of many newly created toys similar to the Nintendo Rubik’s Cube or the Super Mario Brothers Rubik’s Cube. On one of its six sides it sports Pacman, the rare cherry and the power up dots, and on the rest it has the 4 different ghosts including one side made special for the ghosts at their vulnerable stage.

new rubiks cube pacman game

These are avaialble for only$7, which makes it a really affordable Rubik’s Cube. And along with Pacman characters along for the challenge, it is a perfect geek’s challenge game.

pacman rubiks cube toy

Etsy’s Via: GeekyGadgets