The Globetrotter Kit with a Freeloader for Mobile Gadget Charging

globetrotter charging kit

It is green in color and that is how it should be since it is a green gadget, for the Globetrotter kit now comes with a freeloader – an advanced portable charging system for new gadgets to be charged anytime and anywhere. Take a look…

solar charger freeloader kit

Combining the Freeloader to the Globetrotter Kit makes it a cool charging station to carry around. You can never be out of reach or run out of power in any of your gadgets with these babies on your bag packs.  The Globetrotter comes with an ultralight supercharger which when combined with the Freeloader gives you all the power on earth, harnessing it from the sun and any other artificial light source. It has an environment friendly lithion battery which provides lasting back up.

freeloader globetrotter kit

The Globetrotter kit can charge your mobile phone and mp3 player completely to life, and can be plugged in via the USB to charge PDA’s too.  The Freeloader and the Globetrotter Kit are priced at $29.99 and $49.99 at Lazyboneuk. The functionality of this product totally justifies the price tag! You can read more here about the portable solar charger and also about how to charge your portable electronics using wind or sun.