iPod Wiimote Mod is Pretty Ingenious

If you have ever wanted to instantly combine two of your favorite gadgets like your iPod and your Nintendo Wiimote, then this cool Japanese Hacker has found an ingenious way of combining two really cool gadgets, the iPod, your music guide and the Wiimote your gaming companion.

ipod wiimote mod

This is a very unique hack that could actually be applied to pretty much any gadget you have that has a wrist or neck strap and a battery case. A Japanese hacker has put his iPod Shuffle clone inside a Wii remote.

ipod shuffle wiimote mod

The hacker has managed to put a cool iPod into the compressed space of the Wiimote battery pack. Here is a very cool pic of the hacker himself and if you would notice he has only one arm, but I assure you that it did not happen during the hacking process.

wiimote mod ipod shuffle

The clear message to the kids is that one should not try modding gadgets on their own, do it in the supervision of an adult. You can also try out the cool Black Wii for all the Wii fun in Black or the Hemp Wiimote Mod.

via: Craziest Gadgets