Apple Suitcase For Mac Notebooks Fans

apple macbook suitcase design

For all those brand conscious freaks who love to sport the brand they carry, here is good news: a fan has designed a carry suitcase for Mac Notebooks that looks like the brand logo of Apple that screams out that you are a Mac Book user.

Well, the design so simple yet, effective, that I can go on bragging about it. The apple like design also sports an Apple logo on the surface. It will be designed in such a manner that any Mac book would fit in the specially provided compartment comfortably along with other accessories, for which there is extra space. I guess, the designer, Eno Setiawan must be an ardent Apple fan to have thought of this. The design is in white color and like other Apple product, will be available in chrome finish.

Alas! The design is still in soft-copy state and no practical model is available fro sale. Fashion freaks who love Apple products would also love to check out the write up on Geeky Mac Jewelry that we posted sometime ago.

cool apple macbook case mod