Cool iPhone Icons Button Set

cool iphone icons buttons set

The iPhone mania has taken over the world like a wild fire, and practically one out of every ten things in the market has something to do with the iPhone, it’s like the phone in itself has become a brand. The creators of this new item, which I call the iButtons, have not let out any opportunity to capitalize on this new product. The iPhone Icons themed buttons are really cool and geeky at the same time.

iphone icons buttons set

A set of ten buttons, each of them represent one standard icon from the iPhone which include the clock, calculator, safari, iTunes, text, music, iPod, phone, mail and photos. The whole set is really fun and do perfectly suit the geeky uniform. They might become the most casual way to shout out loud to the crowd that you own an iPhone, whether it be at the work place or at the park, these buttons will make sure that people realize that you love your iPhone.

cool iphone icons buttons

Selling for only $10.00 from Interesting Lee, who also brought the Adobe CS3 Icons Buttons set, the whole set can be a perfect present for anyone or a way to make others feel jealous of your priced possession , either way works great. You should probably also check out the cool new iPhone sleeve that is an illusion of the phone itself!.

new iphone icons buttons set

The iFever might probably stay on for a long while, even more than expected, that tells me that we could be expecting more of such stuff that make up our iLife so wonderful.

new iphone icons buttons