Halo 3 ODST Skull Locations Videos

halo 3 odst skull locations

Even though Halo 3 ODST was just released for the Xbox 360 today, Halo fans are already seeking the Halo 3 ODST Skull locations in order to get as much as they can from the game.

All three Halo 3 ODST Skull Locations have been found for the Heretic Skull, Citadel Skull and Longshore Skull and you can see the full tutorial video for each of the 3 Skulls below each heading.

Have fun with the new ODST Halo 3 and hope the skull locations provide you all you have been seeking.

Citadel Skull Location:

Heretic Skull Location:

Longshore Skull Location:

Via: XboxFreedom