Pacman Pouf DIY Helps Refurnish Your Room

pacman cushion diy

You might wonder what could be common between Pacman and the furniture that you would use in your living room, and the answer seems to be really simple especially when you take a look at this Pacman Pouf as similar as the Pacman Sofa. While the latter part of the name may have a questionable origin, let us just assume that it refers to the innocent and soft cushioned seat.

With Pacman being the theme of the pouf, you could impress all your guests with your ingenuity and also with your crazy for Pacman. Using a wooden base shaped like a “C”, you would have to fill it up with foam add cover it with a suitable cloth. After doing so, you could put the cushion on top and choose a color that you like the best. For detailed instructions, you could visit the link given below and build a Pacman Pouf on your own.

The best thing about the Pacman Pouf is that it not only looks god and serves as a tribute to Pacman, but is also very comfortable to sit on and be used as a great piece of furniture in the living room.

If you are crazy about Pacman, you would want to check out other Pacman inspired furniture as the Pacman Chair designed for gamers and also the cool Pacman Coffee Table.

Via: Instructibles