Octagon: the Cellhone With A Sharp Edge

A multipurpose cellphone is very essential in today’s ever pacing world, for as something to stand by your side all the time in order to help you get in touch with your friends, family and rarely your Boss, it also helps you to share your world with other people through it’s various multimedia functions, no wonder that they are called PDAs. This new cellphone design combines all these functionalities with a wide variety of specifications into the sturdy geometric shape of an OCTAGON, a design by Nick Core.

octagon cellphone design

The user interface and the applications are very similar to the widely popular iPhone but it has been artistically packed into the eight sided cutting edge design of Octagon. The design has a very original feel to it but it slightly resembles the Prism, still the design is pretty impressive. The dimensions of the eight sides have been well modified to suit the specifications of a phone which makes it very handy and unique.

octagon cellphone concept

As you can see, the application software looks similar to the iPhone, the main idea behind the phone is it’s unique design structure. The sleek and black body has an impressive impact on the looks of the phone, giving it an edge over the rest.

octagon shaped cellphone

The phone has a very manly felling feeling to it, the sharp edges and the sleek body are made to suit he needs of a real man so why not check out some classy phones, made specially as a Women Cellphone, for the softer section of the community.