Cool RSS Icon Coaster Set for Geeks

cool rss icons coasters

No one can live without the Internet in these fast paced times and geeks always keep a part of the Internet with them even while doing the smallest of the jobs by always checking their RSS feeds and different subscriptions. I mean it’s fine if they keep a net book handy, but, what’s with coasters that look like RSS icons from Web 2.0? Yeah, you read it right, now geeks around the world can rejoice since they have another accessory for their cart that looks like icons of RSS subscriptions.

cool coasters rss icon design

In the set presented here, you get 16 blocks of coasters in two suites of orange and blue, the colors that RSS icons are mostly spotted in. The whole set is available for a price of $60, which I think, is very costly for a coaster. I mean, there’s no other thing you can do with a coaster, except for keeping hot tea cups, can you?

If you are a geek at heart and familiar with RSS, then you will surely love the RSS icon lampshade, the RSS pillow and the many different cool coasters we had before.

new rss icons design