HG Wells Birthday Celebrated with Google Doodles Designs

hg wells war of the worlds google doodle

For over 2 weeks now, Google has presented some different doodles and information within their search logo and twitter page leading up to HG Wells Birthday and tribute.

Google has finally explained why they showed the different Google doodles, provided the various tweets, and the details behind the amazing and mysterious HG Wells Google Doodles.

hg wells google doodle

Google first began with these doodles on the 5th of September, with a cool looking Google Logo where the 2nd “O” was being abducted by a spaceship. In addition, they provided a coded Tweet from the abductors: 1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19, which when translated, provides the message: “All Your O are Belong to Us”.

google doodle crop circles

Ten days after the first Google Logo doodle and Tweet, a new logo was presented, looking like the mysterious crop fields but this time with the Google Logo written. Besides looking cool, the Logo didn’t give any additional details, but Google also tweeted the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of Horsell Commons, also known as the first alien landings in the story “War of the Worlds” of the author HG Wells.

After all the games, Google Doodles and different clues, Google finally explained that they did so as a tribute to the late HG Wells, or Herbert George, who would have just turned 143 years old. They included a final doodle (first one above) as well, which provides a little insight into the actual book by Wells.