Cool iPhone and iPod Touch Sleeves to Fool Your Friends

For all fashion freaks out there, here is something new and fun: a set of iPhone cases or sleeves that look like the iPhone itself and make for a double design treat for major Apple and iPhone fans out there – an iPhone case looking like the iPhone.

Just imagine you going out with your friends and then you take out your iPhone to flaunt it. Some of your friends realize something is fishy and then you make their doubt into certainty by taking out another iPhone from the first one! How crazy! But, nothing else best describes the proximity of the sleeve designs to that of the iPhone.

Available here are four designs that trace the iPhone’s and the iPod Touch’s journey from their history. The first image shown here shows iPod touch when it just released.

cool ipod touch sleeve case

The second image shows a more advanced version of the iPod Touch with 3G feature.

new ipod touch case sleeve

The third image shows the iPhone when it turned 3G.

cool iphone 3g case sleeve

And the fourth image here shows the iPhone 3G in its most advanced state i.e. the present stage of the iPhone 3Gs.

new iphone 3gs case sleeve

Each design listed here is of dimension of about 14.5 cm x 8 cm. Of the above listed sleeves, some are unfortunately already sold out, but some are available, starting at only $30.

Well, this isn’t the first time we have spoken about an iPhone sleeve iPhone Design, but the product that was reviewed last time wasn’t available for sale.