Human Tetris Game: Where Skateboarding, Dance Music, and Tetris Meet

new tetris game with skateboards

If you are wondering what do skateboarding, up-tempo music, and Tetris game have in common, you may realize nothing actually, until you watch the video where skateboarders play a Human Tetris Game. The guys speed around the streets in the black of the night on their skateboards, whizzing past cars and darkened buildings. What is cooler and outlandish than just a bunch of skateboarders doing their business is that these guys actually have Tetris resembling blocks on their heads which are perhaps lit by Neon or LED.

They finally meet at a spot and play the game, just like you would do so on a console. The idea is not only original but can actually bring together the above mentioned unrelated factors together. If you watch the video, you would realize how cool it actually might be to play Tetris in real life than on a console.

human tetris game skateboarders

For those who are traditionalists and think that speeding on nightly streets on skateboards is not the way to play Tetris, we have written a lot of things that concern just the game. The Tetris Sugar Game is one of the “sweetest games” ever, with all pun intended. With technology changing and Apple almost ruling the world, you could also check out the iPhone App called the Circular Tetris Game. It is amazing how Tetris game has held the attention of video game fans for so many decades.

Via: Unique daily