Goldfish Trash Bags Design Makes Taking Out the Trash a Beautiful Sight

goldfish trash bags

I have seen a lot of creative and cute dustbins, but trash bags always remained shy towards innovation, so these Goldfish trash bags have broken all the norms with a refreshing print that could dupe a lot of onlookers. When filled with garbage these bags seem to hold water and big goldfish inside and also offers to tease the cats in the neighborhood; there is a good chance of some cat actually trying to puncture the bag for its golden meal and spilling your garbage all around.

The Goldfish Trash bags are made up of oxo-biodegradable plastic which translates into the fact that apart from neat stacking up your garbage, it doesn’t harm our mother earth. I don’t think there was a better way of bring such eco-friendly benefits together. One retail unit comes with 12 such bags and can hold upto 13 gallons. $16 may be a bit too much to pay for trash-bags but unconventional things always come with a bigger price-tag.

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Via: GadgetHer