This Pacman Handheld Console Is A Rare Vintage

Pacman, the game that took over the world like a wild forest fire during the 80s, has very much been forgotten in todays world of Halo, Gears Of War, and other such high definition graphic games. The humble gaming arcades have been replaced by the new and much more sophisticated PS3 and Xbox. 360, but this rare vintage Pacman gaming console sure did have its glorious days as well; this portable console may have been equal to todays PS3 and Xbox, but it looks amazing as a Vintage Pacman arcade game.

vintage pacman arcade console

A part of 3n1 sales’ collection, this one right here must be one of his priced possessions but not as expensive as a full sized Pacman Arcade. The miniature console comes complete with the standard four-way joystick, a start button and a reset button, there are some console related controls at it’s base (probably for the T.V setup). The console’s capacity to instantly plug into any standard T.V set might have made it extremely popular.

Also, if you want a better time while playing Pacman, the recently designed Pacman Chair seems to fit the bill much better…so game on.