New Microsoft Pink Smartphones Turtle and Pure in the Works

microsoft smartphone turtle pure

It seems Microsoft is really spreading their wings and are currently working on some new Smartphones named Pink Project showing Turtle and Pure images in hopes to gain some of the younger market.

While the whole world says how Microsoft is on Apple’s tail, it seems Microsoft is catching up. We saw another example with yesterday’s news of the Microsoft Courier Tablet PC and now these new Microsoft Smartphones Turtle and Pure.

We have seen some fan Microsoft cellphone concepts before with the Microsoft Zune Phone and also the demeaning Microsoft Zunephone parody, but Turtle and Pure are a little more credible to what we should be expecting.

new microsoft smartphone turtle pure

Working with Sharp, Microsoft seems to be going for a Sidekick kind of branding. Moreover, these two Pink Phones may be working right along with Zune to have such services available immediately with the phone for both music and applications.

We are also waiting for more news to come out, but until then…check out some more information with the link below.

Via: Gizmodo