R2-D2 Console Mod Has 8 Different Consoles

r2d2 console mod

The fictional and popular Star Wars Character R2-D2 has inspired many robots to be built by modders and product designers over the years, and this time around, one guy has managed to stuff 8 different consoles in an R2-D2 cooler.

The best part is, apart from 8 different consoles, the R2-D2 Console Mod is also connected to 20 different game controllers. If this isn’t one helluva machine, I don’t know what else is! The R2-D2 Console Mod carries with it a Dreamcast, a Nintendo 64, an Xbox, an Atari 2600, a Sega Saturn, an NES, an SNES and a PlayStation.

cool r2d2 console mod

There is also icing on the cake in the form of a built in sound system and an R2D2 projector and thus, it could be the answer that most video game fans were looking for. If you want to play retro video games from the 80s, R2-D2 allows you. Again, if you changed your mind and decided to play something ultra-modern, R2-D2 again allows you to do so.

Thanks to all these great innovations, it is now possible to play games that are designed for 8 different consoles. R2-D2 is one of those Star Wars characters that people just can’t let go of. Thus, there have been many mods and products like the R2D2 Trash Can thanks to which you could send your garbage to a different world. Nevertheless, I like the R2-D2 Console Mod the best!

Via: Geeky Gadgets