Futuristic Brand Computer Keyboard Design

brand computer keyboard

With each possible blank space being sold out to brands to advertise their names and products, this Brand Computer Keyboard concept of designer Ignacio Pilotto seems highly futuristic and probable. With PCs reaching every home, such Brand keyboards would be best way to reach brand names to each user and each home. In fact these names will reach to sub conscious level of all geeks.

computer keyboard brand design

It is a good creative concept too. Instead of standard boring letters on keyboards there would brand logos for each letter. For instance for ‘E’ there can be ‘ebay’ or stylish M which is the logo of McDonald’s can replace the standard M, ‘G’ becomes ‘Google’ and ‘Y’ becomes YouTube and so on and so forth. And if one collects various popular brands of modern everyday life there are more than one representing each letter. So in fact futuristic Brand Keyboard can be custom made and key board manufacturers can infact sell that tiny square of each letter on the keyboard to a brand. This keyboard will definitely be advertising world’s delight!

computer keyboard branding concept

Imagine – alphabets, language, thinking everything being represented and controlled by brands! Modern life and modern thinking is changing with rapid changing technology. Such a geeky future seems quite scary too.But let us hope creative people and creative thinking will always prevail above all.

Some other creative geek designers have also tried to give good old keyboard a makeover. For instance there is Illuminated Flexible Keyboard and Chia Computer Keyboard.

Via Behance