Water Jetpack Jetlev Flyer Lets You Spread Your Wings Over Water

water jetpack jetlev flyer

You might have perhaps, as a kid, dreamed about flying in the air, with the assistance of a magical device, so I am happy to inform you that the dream perhaps has come true thanks to JetLev Sports Inc.’s Jetlev Flyer. The company has produced a relatively safe and cool recreational and personal jetpack which you could enjoy over a body of water. It is safe and can be effortlessly controlled which makes it easy for the flyer to enjoy the flight without worrying too much.

In just under 6 minutes, you could learn how to take off, fly, turn, hover and even land. If you take a look at the video below, you would know how much the guy is actually enjoying during his flight. In fact, you might feel envious even, as it is the dream of most people to fly in the air, on their own. This I am sure is way too better than para-gliding or such other sports. If only the device worked even over the land, a lot of people would have been even more excited.

However that does not mean the Jetlev-Flyer is ignorable. There are also other devices that help you learn how to fly. The ParaJet SkyCar is one such vehicle which is actually a car but also has wings when you feel like you are tired of driving along dusty roads. I guess flying has always captured the imagination of man and will continue to do so, even after more than a century of mankind’s flying history.