Rare Vintage APF TV Fun Goes on Sale

vintage apf tv game console

If you are old enough to know about APF TV Fun, you would know that it was a competitor of the old Pong game, and it came with 4 built in games, a speaker, and two controller knobs…back in 1976 in Japan.

apf tv fun ac adaptor

If you would like to get an APF TV Fun, you would certainly not get it anymore and has almost become an antique piece, valued by video game lovers. However, a rare vintage APF TV Fun not only is available but is also in working condition.

retro apf tv fun game console

It can be used to play 4 games as I mentioned earlier, which are Tennis, hockey, squash and handball for the APF TV Fun. The antique package comes with an instruction manual, original box and an a/c adapter. The console seems to be pretty amazing but during the many decades, it seems to have lost the silver disk around the controller. Nevertheless, you could still use it to lay the retro games and relive the infancy of the video game industry.

apf tv game console instruction manual

You could get the rare vintage APF TV Fun for just $38 on Etsy. While the whole world is interested in the history of video games, you can’t afford to be left behind. Thus, you might want to get yourself the Legendary Full Size Arcade Console and impress all the gaming snobs who think they are more “cultured” and aware of gaming history than you are. Better yet, you can also find the Pong Game Clock a look into the past.