Yin Yang USB Flash Drives are Uber Cool

These really awesome Yin and Yang pen drives give its owners double the storage, and double the coolness as designer USB Flash drives that connect to one another like the cool Yin Yang Table.

Chinese philosophy believes that everything is made up of two opposing, yet complementary components of one whole. The creators of this USB device believe that one black and one white pen drive that fit into each other makes for one brilliant storage device. Both these theory use the essential concept of the yin and the yang.

yin yang usb flash drives

I’m surprised nobody thought of this idea earlier, for no term describes this innovation better than genius. There are two USB drives that fit into each other, and together they look really nifty. When they are apart, they hold equal amounts of data, which means double the storage in just one device.

From the picture, you can sort of see the slot where they fit into one another, but I guess they look really cool even by themselves. The classic design really impressed me, and both together make a real impression. Kudos to Rodrigo Brenner for thinking of something so simple, elegant and yet so useful.

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