Space Invaders Art From Recycled Floppy Disks Is A Total Recall

space invaders floppy disk design

The Space Invaders has been so popular with an increasing retro trend of fashion, toys, and images, and this latest creation combining so with floppy disks both proves the trend and makes for a nostalgic geeky design.

Long gone are the days when we used the small, black squares as the only medium for portable data storage, the disks ranged from sizes of 200 mm to the extremely popular 90 mm, which could store no more the 150-200 MB of data. Then came the era of the CDs and then came the DVDs and finally the Blue Ray Disks, all of which have the capacity to store at least twice the amount of data than it’s predecessor. Consequently we all forgot the humble Floppy Disk, it just lays waste in some corner of our shelf or inside our garage, but this new interior design concept might be the perfect way to bring back the former glory of the disk.

space invaders disk design

The most important feature about this new design concept by Buddha is that it helps us to get rid of all those waste floppy disks which have no further use, and then turn them into something that is so cool and environmentally friendly as this huge Space Invaders Alien! You can easily add this to your own geeky room and make the room a heaven for the geeks and environmentalists alike.

space invaders game with disk

Clearly some effort needs to be put in, but the final outcome is something that will be appreciated by one and all, both for it’s uniqueness and utility in making our planet a little greener. You should also have a look at something similar like the Space Invaders Polaroid Design, or the Post-It Design all of which can be implemented into our eco-friendly, geeky rooms.

new space invaders disk design