Cool Carbon Fiber iPhone Cases Designs: Introducing Gorilla Cases

cool iphone case carbon fiber

There is such a variety of iPhone cases available in the market today, but the Carbon Fiber Gorilla cases provide a good looking and durable case that is extremely practical and convenient.

We have been fortunate enough to try out a Carbon Fiber Gorilla iPhone case for the iPhone 3GS and were highly impressed by the overall experience going from the professional packaging to the actual simplistic and practical iPhone case.

The Gorilla case comes in two models: Carbon Fiber or Nature Edition, and both are highly durable and made to a high degree of stability but are lightweight to make them convenient to carry. Moreover, with the Tube design,  there is no top or bottom side, for the iPhone can be inserted in the pouch from either end. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but those that carry cellphone cases, pouches and bags are aware of the few extra seconds spent each time we want to place our phone back in its place. With this…it doesn’t matter.

gorilla iphone cases

A cool addition to these iPhone cases is the FlipStrap, which may look a tad too simplistic to begin with, but ends up being a real perk and convenience. The strap is already inserted in the Gorilla Case, and as the iPhone is inserted, it presses on the flipstrap to get rid of the slack. Once you receive a call or want to access your iPhone, simply pull on the strap, and like a magician’s trick…the iPhone just rises.

It is also important to note that once the iPhone is inserted in the case, it is firm and sturdy inside without falling out or escaping whatsoever. Overall…your iPhone is in a safe case that protects it from harm and still remains looking chic.

Once in the case, a few cool things that should be mentioned: the speakers are visible, so you would still hear a call loud and clear. Moreover, the top of the iPhone is accessible in case you want to press the hold button or insert the earphone jack to listen to the music while it’s inside the case.

Lastly, the Gorilla cases are made for both iPhone and iPod and are created from natural fibers as a foundation and have the environment’s health in mind. With that, they are priced a little above other cases, at approximately $89.99 but are extremely durable and can withstand a lot.

You can find more images, info at the different Gorilla Cases at their official site or even make a purchase.