Lego Superheroes, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Gmail, Ghostbusters Hummer [Walyou Roundup]

There were plenty of great posts this week in Walyou, so the Roundup was difficult to…well…roundup, but we managed to pick many of the awesome posts that we published this week, in one collection.

This Walyou Roundup includes fun Where the Wild Things Are stuff, Pacman Shoes, Donkey Kong Jenga, Linux Chrome OS design, Comic Book creations, Ghostbusters Hummer vehicle, Bento Art and much more.

We hope you have a good time while going through the Roundup. If you have other ideas for the weekly collections or other suggestions, please send them to [email protected].

batman lego art

Have a great weekend!

Cool Walyou Posts:

1.  Where The Wild Things Are Bento

2.  Lego Superheroes

3.  Donkey Kong Jenga

4.  Wall-E Sandwich

5.  Where The Wild Things Are Bobble Heads

6. Comic Book Kokeshi Dolls

7. New Pacman Shoes

8. Ghostbusters Ecto Hummer

9. Where The Wild Things Are Street Mural

10. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Gmail Inbox

11. Sackboy Bento

12. Unofficial Chrome OS