Halloween Lil’ Vampire Pacifier Makes Babies Scary Even While Sleeping

little vampire baby pacifier

This Halloween, not only adults have to dress up, and with this Vampire Pacifier, your baby could both be scary in a Halloween theme and get his/her moment of joy with a real genuine pacifier.

baby vampire teeth pacifier

The Lil’ Vampire Baby Pacifier is a true Billy-Bob product that will surely provide some parents and trick or treaters a good time, as they get to see a baby (sleeping or awake) with the cool pacifier. The baby will freak them out with the unmoving mouth that shows sharp fangs coming out.

For less than $8, it makes for a cool Halloween item that is rather inexpensive and remains practical afterwards as well. For other cool Halloween ideas, check out the many different Pumpkin Faces and also the fun Halloween Decorations projects.

vampire baby pacifier