Holiday’s Rare Space Invaders Invasion Photographs Prove Their Existence

The word “HOLIDAY” instantly sparks visions of the endless grasslands, or the plains, or the wild forests, or just the plain sand and the beach. Still for some Holiday means to go out on a hunting trip with a few friends or just their loyal companion. This is the story of one such person who one day set out on a hunting trip with his loyal companion and came across the most weird flock of ducks – or Space Invaders Aliens.

real life space invaders aliens

As evident from the picture, our hero here encountered a whole squad of Space Invaders, who seemed to be determined to take over the Earth. But as brave our hero is, he carefully shot down each and every one of them and saved the Earth from certain doom. The following picture is the proof of our heroes bravery and undeterred loyalty to invaders invasion aliens

Now Let’s stop joking!, this is actually photoshop work done by Ryan Snieder a cool artist and the photo courtesy goes to Life Magazine Photos from Google; an awesome job done and a real unique one as well. Well it’s not only the Earth that is being invaded by those Space Invaders but also many of our priced gadgets like the iPhone and even on our Buildings as well.