These Pacman Paper Toys are Brilliant


Everyone loves Pacman, there’s no doubt about that, and once you have seen these awesome paper Pacman toys, you will definitely love Pacman even more. These dolls have been made for the Rivet show called “We’ll be right back after these messages”. This show began on the 1st of August, and are based on animated shows from the 80s and the 90s. This Pacman paper toy is based on the animated Pacman series that aired around that time.

This is just a small preview, for there are different angles. The artist, Matthew Hawkins is setting them on the Rivet website at $300, and these toys are definitely worth it, and if you collect Pacman paraphernalia, then even better.

These toys are actually quite big, even though the pictures don’t do them justice. They stands 14″ high and 10″ wide, which is the perfect size for a desk ornament, without being too small.

Here are some more pictures of the Paper Pacman

If you liked this, you might want to check out some cool Pacman stuff like the Pacman Shoes or the Pacman Handheld Console, and for Papercraft, the amazing Link Papercraft Model is inspiring.


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