Captain Kirk’s Chair Will Take You Where No Fan Has Gone Before

All Hands to Battle Stations is probably one of the most iconic phrases ever used by captain Kirk from the Star Trek show and movies and now you might also be one of the lucky few to ever sit on the throne of Enterprise and command all your crew. The real Star Trek prop replica of the classic chair belonging to captain Kirk will soon be on sale, it has all the additional features that even captain Kirk himself would love to have.

star trek captain kirk chair prop

The chair is a limited edition piece and has all the lights, sounds, phrases, and armrest controls to back it up. The working swivel seat with wooden handles, leather seat cover, and armrest controls make this the perfect addition to any collection, display, home theater or for any freaking crazy Star Trek fan.

The right hand controls include the following: Red Alert, Yellow Alert, Jettison Pod, Micro Tape Player and Intercom Controls. The left hand controls include, Shuttle Operation Controls, Activation Of View Screens and Hailing Frequencies. It also features the following phrases from the actual series, “This is Captain James Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise” ; “Position report Spock”; and many more.

But this beauty comes at a steep price, selling for $2,199.99, this could be one of the most costliest pieces of furniture that you may ever purchase, but still since it is a limited edition it may be worth it.