Scary and Cool Halloween Masks for Geeks

If you need some cool Halloween costumes ideas for adults and kids for some good and scary Halloween masks, then we gathered here a bunch of different ones that are either freaky, funny or bizarre, so you can get some worthwhile inspiration. If you are seeking something a little more sexy (and Geeky), then check out the collection of Sexy geeky clothing, which for Halloween could really work as a great alternative to become Sexy Halloween Costumes.

For other Halloween fun, check out the geekiest collection of amazing Pumpkin Faces that range from Space Invaders to Mario to Star Wars and more.

Zombie Barack Obama Mask

barack obama zombie halloween mask

If you want to look like the US President Barack Obama but look a little scary, then this Zombie Obama could be a great solution for adults. Besides, it also saves you of making any difficult decisions this Halloween.

Darth Vader Gas Mask

darth vader gas mask

The Darth Vader modded gas mask could be a dream come true for geeky Star Wars fans. You can now be the popular Sith Lord but in a completely different Halloween mask.

Watchmen Halloween Masks

rorschach halloween mask

Both Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach masks are available as a full face mask for Watchmen fans who would like to play as the personas. Well, now the graphic novel fans could wear Watchmen Masks and watch others without being recognized.

dr manhattan halloween mask

Hellboy Halloween Mask

hellboy halloween mask

Hellboy is a hell of a character and to dress up like him this Halloween would be a serious thing worth considering. In case you have the courage to be the famous demon, then the Hellboy Mask could make a comic dream a reality.

Star Trek Monsters Halloween Masks

star trek halloween masks

The old Star Trek Monsters from the TV Show may not be as scary as what we see on TV today, but they are still classic which every Trekkie would love. The cool Star Trek Masks we saw and loved are Mugato, Gorn and Balok, which a pure Star Trek geek know exactly which is which from the images.

star trek monsters halloween masks

Friday the 13th Halloween Mask

friday the 13th mask memorabilia

The Friday the 13th Movies may seem cheesy now, but back in the day, they had a cult following. You could either get a Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Mask memorabilia or even the true Friday The 13th Prop to show your love for old horror flicks.

jason voorhees halloween mask

V For Vendetta Mask

guy fawkes mask

This cool Guy Fawkes Mask may be just what you need to start a revolution, gather some courage or simply dress up this Halloween. You don’t have to rehearse lines from V For Vendetta, for the mask kind of says it all.

LED Gas Mask

led gas halloween mask

This may not be a regular or traditional Halloween Mask but is an easy way to gather a disguise with cool LED. The LED Gas Mask looks both freaky for Halloween and also make sure people notice you with bright and colorful LED.

Swine Flu Surgical Masks

swine flu halloween masks

Here you can have two different collections of funny and weird Swine Flu surgical masks that were either made to reduce the scare or be actual designer masks. Either way, they may provide you some cool Halloween masks ideas of your own.

swine flu surgical halloween masks

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Digital Underwater Mask

underwater digital camera

This mask may not seem like the great Halloween solution, but besides dressing up as a diver, you could also have an Underwater Digital Camera strapped to your head. I am not sure if you will be Trick or Treating in Atlantis, but swimmers may get a kick out of it.