Robot Fingers Drumming Away the Boredom

mechanical fingers machine

How often we find our fingers drumming away on the desktops, impatiently waiting for the PC to load a website, completely acting out of boredom or natural instinct? Thanks to Nik Ramage, you now can even avoid that and have it done mechanically, just by flipping a switch!

Designed for 100% Design show at Earls Court, London, the mechanical drumming fingers are an identical resin copy of the creators own hand. Using simple principles of Physics that govern kinetic energy, Ramage has managed to conjure up a unique replica of an impatient human hand. Wacky though this might seem, such conceptualizing truly portrays the mind of a genius.

cool robot fingers

Just imagine glancing at a colleagues’ desk and coming across a few fingers tapping away in isolation! Kind of makes you want to start drumming improv, doesn’t it? The inspiration that must have gone into designing the fingers and actually creating a mechanism that works really must be tremendous!

In this new age of technology revolution, automation is the buzz word. The simplest of actions in an automatic format may lead to world changing discoveries… and inspiration with persistence is all you need to prove your point! Heck, give Nik an Automated Applause for his cool and wonderful creation.

mechanic fingers drums

Via: The Automata Via: Dezeen