Sharpener Ring Makes for Odd Jewelry Design

cool sharpener ring design

Only a designer who spends long hours on drawing board and is looking around for ideas can come up with the design of Sharpener Ring; A handy pencil sharpener gone missing at crucial time must have inspired such an odd creative thought.

pencil sharpener ring design

The concept of the Sharpener Ring by Ignacio Pilotto is very innovative and unique but it does not appeal as an aesthetic jewelry design. In fact it fits the bill better as a Sharpener design concept rather than a jewelry piece. Artists, illustrators, designers, architects and students who use pencil will love this idea and may want to slip it on one of the fingers and  it could also be meaningful gift to an artist friend. But this Sharpener Ring is seems more like an excellent utility product design than artistic elegant jewelry design, like the simplistic yet beautiful Eraser Lamp. Maybe geek eyes will find it truly interesting idea but it will not appeal to others easily.

Ignacio Pilotto’s Sharpener Ring will definitely find appreciation as a crazy odd design. Now that we are talking of odd geeky designs, it would be worth having a second look at Video Games Swarovski Designs and the Periodic Table Jewelry.