Cool Gaming Themed Pumpkin Carvings for a Geeky Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to just be scary or freaky and could also provide Geeks hours of fun and bright colors with some Geeky Pumpkin carvings. We have aggregated here a bunch of creative Pumpkin art that have a common theme of video games throughout and would excite fans of the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and also old school gamers from the 80’s.

Update for Halloween 2010: 200 Pumpkin Carvings

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween, and if you are looking for additional inspiration for different Pumpkins, then check out are huge Geeky collection of amazing Pumpkin Faces.

Also, you can find the specific artists for any of these pumpkins at the respective links for each image.

Playstation Pumpkin Carvings:

Sackboy Pumpkins

sackboy pumpkin face

PS3 fans just love Little Big Planet Sackboy character, and just as an example, MrGilder and Spera have carved cool Sackboys on a Halloween pumpkin for all to see their love for the Playstation 3 Little Big Planet.

little big planet sackboy pumpkin face

Playstation Pumpkin

playstation pumpkin face

A cool remake of the Playstation console by Arandale which carved the Playstation logo onto the forehead of this pumpkin and inserted a disc to illustrate the idea even further.

Playstation Controller Buttons

playstation controller buttons pumpkin carving

A few Playstation fans got together and used four separate Pumpkins to show their love for the Playstation controller. The Four PS controller buttons are seen amazingly well in this image from Flovvie.

Xbox 360 Pumpkins:

Xbox Logo Pumpkin

xbox logo pumpkin faces

Simple and straight to the point, this Xbox logo pumpkin from JohnPorcaro is a great sight for major fans.

Halo 3 Pumpkins

halo 3 pumpkin blue light

The recent Halo 3 ODST caused a lot of excitement in the Halo camps, so these two from DG Flickr and Blue Swirl would probably bring the excitement back this Halloween.

halo 3 pumpkin light

Halo Pumpkin Carving Sculpture

halo xbox 360 pumpkin

A cool Halo sculpture was made by GinaMK of a pumpkin that gets detailed, showing the different characters and the Xbox logo.

Red Ring of Death and Power Light

red ring of death pumpkin carving

The Red ring of death by Penner42 is pretty self explanatory, and would probably be one of the scariest things you would see this Halloween. On the other hand, DG Flickr, who also made the Halo 3 with the Blue light has an optimistic view of the Xbox Power light. If only fixing the Xbox 360 was as easy as switching the color of the lights.

xbox 360 power pumpkin carving

Gears of War Logo Pumpkin

gears of war logo pumpkin

Also made by Penner42 who made the Red Ring of Death pumpkin, this is a great pumpkin carving of the Gears of War Logo.

Wii Themed Pumpkin Faces:

wii pumpkin

nintendo wii pumpkin carving

These three different Wii themed Pumpkins by Octouber, Ethan S J Smith and Scottfidd look really cool and perhaps get gamer geeks to also go Trick or Treating.

wii console pumpkin carving

Retro Video Games Pumpkins

Tetris Pumpkins

cool tetris pumpkin face

Tetris is one of the most popular games ever, and people just don’t seem to get enough of it. In these two Tetris remakes by LibertyandVigilance and jwyeary the game comes to life in a bright and new way.

tetris game pumpkin carving

Pacman Pumpkins

cool pacman pumpkin face

funny pacman pumpkin

So many still love the Yellow Pacman even today, and a few examples are presented here from KillBox, ScottVQC and Mrboma.

pacman game pumpkin

Space Invaders Pumpkin

space invaders pumpkin face

The little aliens from Space Invaders have been invading fashion, gadgets and even pumpkins with their retro look, and this beautiful design by GustavoG adds some space look behind it.

World of Warcraft Alliance

world of warcraft alliance pumpkin

As if to show there is meaning to geekiness, SomeGeekintn made the World of Warcraft Alliance logo inside a Pumpkin that shines strongly and proudly for all geeks around the World…or Online.

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Halloween Pumpkin Carvings