Amazing Big Lebowski Bowling Pin Art Set

big lebowski bowling pins

These are most definitely the coolest bowling pins ever, and this set was designed for the Big Lebowski fest that took place last year in Los Angeles, for the tenth anniversary of the movie.

The film by Ethan and Joel Coen, is basically a crime story that pokes fun at the eccentrics in the city of Los Angeles. Although the movie was not among the most popular, it has a following among people who find humor in its characters.

All the bowling pins by Daxnorman, who also made the Super Mario Bowling Pins, are made to resemble the important and interesting characters in the movie, and there are pins made to resemble The Dude, Maude, Saddam Hussein, Mamot, The Corvette owner, Walter, Severed toe, Bunny, Liam, Smokey, Donny, Woo, The Landlord, The Stranger, Jackie Treehorn, The Big Lebowski, Jesus, Brandt, and Uli Kunkel.

The artwork on the pins is amazing and each of them not only has the important features of the character they represent, but are also unique from the other pins.

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cool big lebowski bowling pins