Beautiful Riki Watches Designs

Everyone loves a good wristwatch and these Riki watches are some of the best watches you can ever own, for they are perfect for people with small wrists. They incorporate a beautiful design with accurate time keeping, which makes them perfect for anyone of any age group. The fact that they come in a number of juicy colors definitely makes your decision to buy them very simple. Whether you prefer a more sober black, or would like a bright green or orange, these Riki watches are for you.

riki watches design

The designer Riki Watanabe designed these watches especially for people with small wrists, and the maximum wrist size for these watches is 180mm. The best part is that this watch is extremely light, weighing only 15gms, which is only about half an ounce. The numbers on this unique time piece are raised on a moulded plastic circular face. These numbers are topped by a lens, which creates an original, yet classic look.

tokyoflash riki watches design

This Riki Watanabe watch is a limited edition, and so only very few people around the world will have the privilege of wearing them. The watch costs $122.62, and ships with a case and instructions in Japanese. This cool watch will work underwater up to a pressure of 3 ATM, which is quite an achievement for something so simple.

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