Awesome Tetris and Super Mario Bros Records Sleeves

super mario brothers music records

It’s the designers’ age when artistic imagination overflows, and its bound to brush the realms of music and video games in an amazing display of Super Mario and Tetris…records?

tetris music records

Loads of people are going in for amassing a collection of designer records with innovative pictures on their face. These specific records from Bibamatt come in attractive sleeves which keep them safe when not in use and would make gamers start listening to vinyl records.

The new trend that is rocking album cover art is fashioning the designs on the lines of popular games like Super Mario Brothers and Tetris. The rage that engulfs the fans of these video games has seeped to record and sleeve art, and the variety of patterns in these funky designs is totally out of this world!

super mario bros music records

These Super Mario and Tetris covers might become the last word in Record designs and their covers in just a little while. More creative ideas are springing up all the time, and everyone is now looking forward to what is next in vogue.

tetris music record