Mini Star Wars Russian Nesting Dolls Figures

boba fett matryoshka dolls

Nesting Dolls are also known by their more famous name, called Matryoshka Dolls, when Matryoshka refers to an old woman and Matryoshka dolls are those that contain many smaller dolls within each doll.

star wars stormtroppers nesting dolls

Now all the Star Wars fans can get their own Matryoshka dolls, but instead of an old woman, you would find the characters of Star Wars. You could get yourself an amazing collection of Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and Boba nesting dolls for just $12.99. The Stormtrooper Nesting Dolls can also be bought for the same price and they really look cool, if you asked me.

star wars nesting dolls

Rebel Pilots Nesting Dolls look quite aggressive in nature and they certainly have to look aggressive, considering the “job profile” they have and are not overpriced, still remaining only $12.99. Furthermore, how can a collection of Star Wars be over without mentioning a separate Luke Skywalker set? The Luke Skywalker Nesting Dolls look cool with the lancer, and I am sure no real fan would avoid buying these cool dolls.

cool luke skywalker nesting dolls

Lastly, the Princess Leia Nesting Dolls are fit for a queen because they have been painted so beautifully and artistically and are also just $12.99 for major fans. It is rather amusing to see Star Wars themed Russian Matryoshka Dolls, though they look totally cool. You can check out other cool creations with the handmade Star Wars Nesting Dolls. The Matryoshka Nesting Designer Doll Mods are not that bad either, and definitely deserve to be read about.

cool princess leia nesting dolls