The New Lotus Segway Mockup Design

The world has indeed become a smaller place, at lest that is the case when it comes to parking your car, hence the world of Segways is developing at a lightning speed. No wonder major companies are now looking into the prospects of this field, and the outcome of the same might be this new Lotus Segway.

new lotus exige segway scooter

Actually this could be considered as a small concept model for the real deal, as this work can very much be related to Photoshop,with this a squeezed up, shrunken down replica of what we usually know as the Lotus Exige as a Segway scooter.

The credit to this particular work goes to Kostyn Racing Photography, who has given the following specifications for the Segway: It is a new 2 wheeled segway which weighs around 1077 pounds, loaded with the new S260 Supercharged Engine it can accelerate from 0-60 in 2.02 sec. The steering wheel, brakes and the  gas pedal have all been replaced with a T-Handle. It’s unique design will allow it to handle 3-G turns with ease, with a top speed of 188 miles per hour, this feature is something one cannot overlook in any terms.

new lotus exige segway

Since it is still on the design board, you cannot be sure if it will ever go into production like the GM Puma Segway; but if you still want to get one then place your order on 555-WHOA, priced at around $500K, you might have to spend the rest of your life doing savings, as the proposed release date is scheduled for for a late 2035. For other alternatives, you are probably better off getting the Sports Smart Cars instead.