Space Invaders Designer Cushions For Urban Geek Spaces

cool space invaders cushions

Most modern trendy designs are made for geeks living in urban spaces in a world which is becoming more of a techno driven habitat for techno savvy people. These Space Invaders Cushions designs created by Voodoo Rabbit are a reminder that even age old stitch craft is also becoming geeky and more stylish.

Grandmothers may feel annoyed since their designs are not getting passed on to generation next and may even dread that age old traditional craft of patchwork, needlework etc is getting lost. But Space Invaders Cushions are a proof that legacy of creative indulgence and craft lives on and it is only the designs and motifs which have changed with times. Designs and motifs do reflect popular culture, so it is not surprising that designers are getting inspired by popular games and modern technology symbols and icons.  I am sure grandmothers too will love these new vibrant designs and modified patchworked pixel design craft.


Space Invader fans can right away place orders for these pillows (made of Gingham invaded fabric) with three different designs of Straight Legs, Legs out and Legs in at Etsy’s for $45 each.

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Via Spritestitch