NES Guitar Mod

weird nes guitar mod

What fun it is to make your own musical instrument and more so, when it is a Guitar that can be strummed more effectively with simple DIY techniques and is made out of the retro NES Console.

Only a gifted man like T-Bisqit could actually construe the NES Mod technology and adapt it to a guitar. The best part of it is that his guitar actually works, like the Lego Guitar, and can be employed to produce beautiful music. By turning the NES he had had since age ten into a wondrous string instrument, the man has shown the world that with brilliant innovation, you can really move the metaphorical mountain!

nes guitar mod

It’s not easy to put your Nintendo Entertainment System under the knife. But at times, if you have the courage to execute your ideas, it can really produce astounding results. Who could have imagined that an NES you owned as a kid could transform itself into a guitar? Of course, it’s no child’s play, the process. But the pride of owning a self made guitar is truly worth its weight in guitar strings, right?

cool nes guitar mod

Now whether this guitar can also function as an active NES, one can only wait and watch…

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