Good Old Etch a Sketch Replica iPhone Sleeve

etch a sketch iphone case

Do you remember good old Etch a Sketch toy of the 1960s and the sense of wonder it filled you with when you got one as a cool gift in your childhood days? Perhaps Etch a sketch toy was an early beginning of the geek world and this Etch a Sketch Cozy Case for iPhone is a good reminder of the great technological evolution of the geek world.  We have come a long way indeed from Etch a Sketch toy to modern world of games and all the geekery!

cool etch a sketch iphone sleeve

Etch a Sketch case is a perfect replica of the good old toy complete with two buttons for the right and left control knobs and stitched zig-zag lines showing the patterns created. The master creative stroke is the embroidered ‘i-Sketch’ on top- a subtle reminder of changing times. The inner double lining of this case made entirely of felt makes it a perfect pouch for sophisticated gadgets like iPhones, iPods etc.

Etch a Sketch iPhone Case is entirely hand embroidered and measures 13cm in length, 8.5 cm in width and will cost approximately $22. This bright red cheerful and protective case is available on Etsy, just given in to nostalgia and get one right away.  This cute case will surely inspire you to tell tales about your childhood toys and plays to your children.

etch a sketch iphone sleeve

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cool etch a sketch iphone case