Cozy Tetris iPhone Pouch is Yet Another Creative iPhone Sleeve

tetris iphone case

I wonder how iPhone still manages to keep the ball rolling for design buffs, as day after day, I come across applications and new apparel for Apple’s one hyper-hyped creation…the iPhone.

EgoorEngland is up with another Cozy iPhone Pouch with cute little Tetris blocks gracing on the front. The makers previously churned out the Pacman iPhone Pouch and are probably signalling its love for retro games.

new tetris iphone case

The pouch is cut out of strong thick durable felt to afford sturdy protection to your Apple valuables namely iPhone and iPod Touch. With extra-engineered gadgets fragility comes as a tax thereby making users paranoid about it. So this pouch takes the baton of protecting your baby against dust, careless handling and even hideous scratches. The colorful Tetris blocks are hand-stitched to make it look less mechanical and garner appreciating stares from people around.

cool tetris iphone case

You can buy one from Etsy for $20 which is not much, considering the effort that goes in making this pouch. If Tetris has rescued you from boredom, I am sure you would fall for concepts and products graced with this  game design. There is the Gingerbread Pacman and Tetris Game, a food concept that beautifully teams up two retro games;  and the Tetris Hair Cut Design, a bold display of one’s obsession for the game.