The Alchemist Keyboard Mod is Very Cool

alchemist keyboard mod

This Alchemist keyboard isn’t based on the book by Paolo Coelho as I originally thought, but actually on the alchemists of yore who did their best to create gold from other ordinary materials. Nonetheless, it is definitely one of the best keyboards I’ve ever seen till date. This keyboard not only has really amazing keys, but there is also a stained glass panel on the side and even a braided cord to complete the whole picture.

alchemist computer keyboard mod

Although the keyboard is a USB keyboard, it can’t be used with a Mac because the lighting only works with the scroll lock key.

The creator has incorporated many symbols used by alchemists like the Eye of Ra and the Caduceus. In addition, there are symbols for the elements (earth, fire, water and air). The space bar is labeled “Secundum Artem” which means “According to the art” in Latin. The Shift Key and Enter Key have symbols that are used for processes like mixing, combining and stirring.

cool alchemist computer keyboard mods

This attention to detail even extends to the brass rods that are below the space bar, and they have a special coating that prevents it getting tarnished. With so many special touches, this keyboard is definitely worth buying, unfortunately I don’t know where it is available, although it does say that the keyboard was designed for a pharmacist. Really appropriate.

cool alchemist keyboard mod

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cool alchemist computer keyboard mod

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