Cool New All Spark Rubik’s Cube Will Bring Your Transformers To Life

Over the last few years the humble, colorful and the most popular Rubik’s cube in the history of mankind has undergone many transformations, and now it seems that it has combined itself with the Transformers All Spark Cube. Yes, the same outer space cube that provides all the transformers and electronic devices their own spark of life.transformers all spark rubik's cubeThe cool new Rubik’s Cube concept has been based upon the Transformer’s latest movie – Revenge Of The Fallen and has created quite a wave among the geeks and the fans of transformers alike. The basic idea and the motive behind the new cube is the same, but at the same time it has just been upgraded to the Transformers toy level, which is very evident as the cube very much resembles the AllSpark. The best thing about the new Rubik’s cube is that it features the logos of both the Autobots and the Decepticons, both of which are located in the central square on each of the six sides.

The cool new cube sells for only $13.99, and is aimed at bringing closer two completely distinct sections of the community, the geeks and the movie freaks, and simultaneously grant each of them some really cool abilities… or something like that, after all they are handling the AllSpark.