Ninja USB Controller is Killer!

killer ninja usb controller

We previously saw a Samurai Warrior USB Controller, and this Ninja controller is just as awesome but seems like there won’t be any brotherly love between the two controllers…and it will have a bad ending.

While the Samurai version seemed determined and fearless, the Ninja Controller just looks plain crazy and killer like. It is as if it is made ot provide gamers some courage and insanity, so you will not be afraid of any levels and can go crazy within the game screen.

cool ninja usb controller

The design of this cool USB controller includes a killer Ninja right in the middle, with Green LED eyes to frighten bystanders (or game rivals). In addition, there are two Ninja stars for the button and D-Pad. As an actual dangerous part, there are two sharp looking fangs on the bottom, which seem like they could really hurt.

It is compatible for SUB Gaming along with PS2 and PS3 consoles and costs only $25. So until you get your hands on the PS3 Wand, this may be the killer alternative.

crazy ninja usb controller

Via: GeekyGadgets