Plush Sushi Dolls: Food For Your Teddy Bear

Plush Sushi bear food

If you thought your inanimate teddy bear should have its culinary desires met, your prayers have been answered thanks to the Plush Sushi dolls which could be useful as Teddy Bear food. No more rumbling stomachs and you can rest assured that your fur-ball…er…cute teddy will not predate on your favorite Nemo collection.

There has been quite some research done to find out what your teddy likes most; the list included plush zombies, Hello Kitties and Domo Kuns. Stuffed bears, apparently, found those unpalatable and unhygienic too. So, here we go with fresh recipes like classic shrimp, tasty tuna, rosy salmon roe, wasabi and ginger, etc.

Plush Sushi dolls

Plush Sushi for teddy bears has been designed to complement your doll perfectly, with the texture and visage making them extremely inviting (not just for the stomach). The 8-inch soft toys (toy food, rather!) have been designed by ThinkGeek for ages 14 and above and take inspiration from Japan’s most common recipes. At $9.99, your bear does have its plate cheap.

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