Funny Control A Kid Remote is a Weird Idea Indeed!

funny kid remote control

I am sure just like Mr Wilson of Dennis the Menace, many exasperated parents, and various neighbors secretly wish to find some way to tame and control lovable but uncontrollable brats…or children. Some games freak geek with secret wish to control kids like the gaming characters must have thought about this unique Control-A-Kid-Remote design.

The design and buttons of Control-A-Kid Remote are uniquely funny and will give a delusional joy to people like Mr. Wilson who simply hate kids. A set on top under ‘stop’ like Tantrum, Screaming are typical annoying moods one would want to stop instantly. The other instructional buttons like Eat Greens, Tidy Room are typical instructions given out to kids. But it’s the ‘Attitude’ with red Off button which takes the cake! It is a great relief that Control-A-Kid Remote is not real and kids have not turned into robots and also not all parents are autocratic control freaks.

cool kid remote control

You can gift this remote to parents who are at loss as to how to tame their brats or who simply don’t discipline their brats, for these buttons may actually work as guidelines for disciplining and controlling spoiled brats. I think many a geek kids whose parents behave badly or fight often must be secretly designing such remotes for their parents too.

Virtual world turns everyone into control freaks and instead of handling situation patiently we end up wishing for some magical gadget to control the real world uncontrollable situations. No need to think so deep, just get one Control-A-Kid Remote right away for some good laughs for only $6.99.

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new kid remote control