Google to Launch New Music Service

new google music service site

Searching for music Online might change completely, thanks to a new Google Audio Music initiative which will bring major companies associated with Online music to Google’s search engine and integrate them in the search results. Though Google has refused to comment, many press organizations including Tech Crunch have received invited to attend “Discover Music”, a Hollywood event organized by LaLa and iLike.

Some of the other companies which are included are Google and MySpace, and thus 4 companies would be involved in this new initiative where the new music service would allow browsers to get information about a track and also the option to listen to a 30 second intro of the same made possible by LaLa or iLike.

google music screen

There could also be YouTube results appearing for the same track and thus combine not just information and audio for the particular song in the search result, but also videos related to the particular track. The new service would be integrated full time in Google search and would totally change the way people search for music Online from October 28.

google music screen shot

It may also help in curbing illegal downloads as people would be forced to “buy the song” through Online music companies to listen to the song completely, though it is too early to comment on that. I am also wondering if this service would work on Google Android OS enabled phones and systems.

Via: Tech Crunch and Nexus 404