Rubik’s Cube 360 Puzzle Lends A New Twist To Classic Puzzle Game

Rubik's Cube 360

Get rid of the monotony by trying your hands at this interesting new game – Rubik’s 360 – from the makers of the classic Rubik’s Cube, where you need to slot colored balls into strategically placed ball-holders. If you loved the original cube puzzle, you would certainly not want to miss out on the endless fun offered by this game of dexterity. As with other sphere and ball games, the objective is to get the colored balls slotted into their respective locations and make sure you do it as fast as you possibly can.

You can compete with your friends or perform a timer-test to beat your own high score with the Rubik’s 360. Although it seems extremely simple, the game involves skill and nimble hands, since the color of the ball and the color of the slot have to match. If your eyes have grown tired of the screen, the 360 is perhaps the best way to give them an exercise. At $16.69, the game is reasonably priced too.

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