Delicious Animal Chessboard Cake Looks Amazingly Cute


This delicious looking animal chessboard cake will definitely make you want a slice, whether or not you like animals and (or) the challenging game of chess. It is wonderfully crafted by DahliaCakes, and even just looking at it is making my mouth water. I’m not sure what the occasion was to bake this cake, and I don’t know how many lucky people got a slice of it, but all I can say is I sure wish I was one of those people. I wish there were more details on what the cake was made of, I would like to assume that there is a nice rich chocolaty cake under all the artwork, but your guess is as good as mine.

animal chessboard cake design

This geeky cake is truly unlike any other chess board I have seen before, and it would probably get gobbled up before you can say “check-mate”. Everything about this cake screams cute! The colored squares are perfectly complemented by the sparkly base. The ladybird pawns, the horses, the lion king, the tiger queen and all the animals are crafted by hand from sugar paste and Marzipans (YUMMY!!!).

We have featured some really cool cakes in the past like the Wheel of Fortune cake, the Rubik’s Cube cake and even the Watchmen Cakes, but IMHO, this is definitely the best one by a long shot.

cute animal chess cake