Gamer Phone Conceptual Design by RKS

The recent trend of combining every possible gadget into one pocket-sized super-gadget has led the people at RKS to come up with the concept of this Gamer Phone, which according to them was “Created as a concept to inspire LG’s internal design teams”.

lg gamer cellphone

The futuristic phone has a slightly sunken touch screen, with one side of controls for gaming and the other side for the phone’s operation. As far as looks go, this Gamer phone looks sleek and incredibly cool, and I’m sure it will be a big hit. It even appears to be ergonomically optimized, which is also a good thing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any dimensions for the Gamer, I think that is because it is still in the concept stage.

As of now, there is not much competition for the Nokia N Series Gage cellphone in terms of gaming phones, and other big companies like Sony and Samsung are still developing their gaming phones. The Gamer Phone therefore comes as some much needed competition for the N-Gage, and should be in great demand. My main concern about the Gamer Phone is how people will actually attend phone calls, but I’m assuming that when this concept becomes a reality, these things will get ironed out.